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sharpening service in all of Chicagoland!



Professional Shear 

& Blade Sharpening

In Salon - Mobile Service

Mail In - Fast Return Service

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  Minimum 5 shear service per salon visit


We Don't Grind!...We Hone!

Using waterstone and flat honing techniques!

Using all manufacturer's specs

 2013 NBTSG Grand Master Sharpener Certification!

Factory Trained and Certified in USA and Europe for Shear Sharpening of all Types 

  •     Latest Technology as an Industry Standard to Get the Best Results!
  • We Have a Complete Understanding of What the Individual Hairstylist needs
  • Strong Conviction in Continuing Education


 Call for In Salon Sharpening Service


  • We'll Come to Your Salon
  • Get Your Shears Sharpened in Minutes
  • We Offer Shear Consultations
  • Sharpenings Include Cleaning, Polishing, and Balancing
  • Replacement Parts are available for an extra Charge
  • Ask us to Show you our Current Shear Stock





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Why Choose Us?


  • We have a Complete Understanding of What the Hairstylist and Pet Groomers' Needs are
  • We as Sharpeners work to be the Best and that the Customers are Completely Satisfied
  • Top Notch Training and Certification
  • If you don't Choose us, Make sure your Sharpener is Certified by a Credible Sharpening Authority  (NBTSG)


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