Shear Knowledge  

  • Shears Come in Different Grades of Steel and That is What Dictates the Price You Pay for Them


  • Some Shears are Cast or Stamped from a mold vs. Forged


  • Cast Shears are Usually at the Lower End of  the Ranking Because 'Casting' is inexpensive to produce and leaves the Material Lacking in Density, not being able to hold a sharp edge too long and ultimately being Less Desireable
  • Cast Shears Can Crack or Break When They Hit the Floor


  • Cast Shears are more Affordable than Forged, but Less Desireable (they won't last as long and won't stay as sharp for long either)


  • Forged Steel Shears are Better and pricier because the molecules are Forced Together during the Forging / Hardening Process, Cooled and Heated Again  Making the Material more Dense, threrefore Ultimately becoming a Stronger more Desireable Product

  • You Should Know what You're getting Before You Buy any Shears so that You're not Disappointed Later


  • The Grade of Steel You Should Have is 420C or 440C Stainless Steel at the Very Least


  • Some Very Good Grades are,"440C",  "V-10 Cobalt", "ATS-314", (and being the most expensive is "Damascus Steel" that could run into above the $1,000.00 range)


  • Any Grade Higher than "420" is Better for You (ask before you buy)




 Which Shears are Best?

  • I tell people, In almost all Cases brand Names don't much matter to Me. It's the Grade of Steel that Matters Most. To me, "Brand Names" only tell me which Companies are Spending the most for Marketing. With the exception of a few Brands, This is our Perception of  which Shears are the best to Buy.
  • First and Foremost, use the size that's Appropriate for your Hand. Then the Shear has to Feel Comfortable using Them                                                                                                 
  • Make sure you know what Grade of Steel you're getting and or if they're "cast" or "forged"                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • We Sell Shears that we Think aren't Junk! She had tested Them and we're Satisfied that we can Sell them with Confidence                                                                                                                                         
  • We give all our Customers a 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on all Our Shears                                                                                                                                          
  • All the Shears we carry have a Lifetime Warranty