Shear Sharpening


All sharpening services include cleaning, polishing,balancing and bumper/silencer replacement.

Hair Salon Type Shears

Convex Edge Sharpening ...                  $35.00

 Thinning / Texturizing Shear (Convex) Sharpening ...  $35.00

Thinning / Texturizing Shear (Bevel) Sharpening...      $35.00




Shear Blade Corrugation/Serration ... $10.00/blade



Alternate Shear Services


 *Optional or necessary repairs will be assessed during the initial look-over and the customer will be notified if a repair option is going to be necessary.    

 *All extra repairs will be upon request or if the sharpener deems it necessary after the initial look-over.

 *Some repairs will be necessary to ultimately have a pair of functioning pair of shears.

 *Some repairs will require extra services other than sharpening and reconditioning. At that time, the sharpener will suggest a repair and give an estimate for the cost of such repair.

 *Some of these repairs may include, Shear handle adjustment, Shear Blade adjustment, Pivot Screw replacement, and tension Plate replacement.



 Mail in Service

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You may choose to use a credit or debit card by

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  Any extra repairs or services will initiate a call to you for approval before we start them.